What is Munchkinetics?

Munchkinetics is a physical education program that has been developed in partnership with LifeSports to enhance our current Kids & Company programming for children under five years old. The Munchkinetics are our way to promote this program while giving parents instant ideas on how they can participate in fun, healthy activities with their children.

Through Munchkinetics, it's our goal to provide the children at Kids & Company with an enjoyable, safe and non-competitive environment to develop physical skills while fostering a life-long love for active play. Although outdoor activity is typically seen as an opportunity for physical movement, we feel it is important to provide kids with a program that is beneficial both indoors and out.

We've taken the Early Childhood curriculum and created a program that consists of multiple activities from different areas of movement and development and many cognitive programs have been incorporated in the physical movement. Many of these activities require the children to use both their minds and their bodies to be successful. This promotes a great deal of self-control and physical awareness as well as providing self-confidence.

Munchkinetics functions in four 15 minute sessions each day which will progressively become more challenging through the month. The FITT principle (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type) is exercised throughout this program in order to gradually develop skill and ability. The activities that are conducted are organized according to bilateral, unilateral, cross lateral and multilateral disciplines. These activities are designed to be fun while keeping kids on their toes (sometimes literally!) and to encourage the children to take part more and more as their confidence grows.

To learn more about Munchkinetics or Kids & Company, please visit our website at kidsandcompany.ca. Want to get active? See the Munchkinetic program.

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