Get Active! The Munchkinetics Program

Playing with a purpose focuses on children learning movement skills. Munchkinetics addresses fundamental movement patterns through the FITT principle: Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. These skills include locomotor (walking, running, galloping, leaping, sliding, jumping, hopping, skipping, stair climbing, ladder climbing); object control (grasping, releasing, rolling, underhand throwing, overhand throwing, catching, kicking, two-hand striking, bouncing) as well as stability skills (static balance, dynamic balance, twisting, turning, landing, stopping, dodging). Your preschooler will think these activities are just FUN while you know that they are fun with a purpose.

Pre-schoolers across Canada experience Munchkinetics at their Kids & Company child care centres, but you can follow along at home. Below you'll find a 16 week program that is designed to offer a variety of motor experiences to give each child the opportunity to reach their own unique potential.

How does it work? The program is divided into four units. Unit 1 contains an activity for each day of the week. Monday's activity should be repeated four weeks in a row and each week you can increase the frequency and intensity. For example, your child may hop in a zig zag pattern ten times for a total for 5 minutes the first week, then increase that to 15 times for a total of 8 minutes by week 4. After four weeks doing Unit 1, your child may be ready for Unit 2. If not, no worries, just keep with the Unit 1 activities for a few more weeks.

Click on the links below to see the activities for each unit.

     Unit 1
Monday Weeks 1 - 4:Two Foot Bunny Hops
Tuesday Weeks 1 - 4:Zig Zag Balance Beam
Wednesday Weeks 1 - 4:Bean Bag Frog Jumps
Thursday Weeks 1 - 4:Cooperative Games - Munchkin Circle
Friday Weeks 1 - 4:Top 3 Favorite Stations in a Circuit

     Unit 2
Monday Weeks 5 - 8:One Foot Bunny Hops
Tuesday Weeks 5 - 8:Plank Shuffle Left to Right
Wednesday Weeks 5 - 8:Noodle Target
Thursday Weeks 5 - 8:Scuzzle Challenge
Friday Weeks 5 - 8:Top 3 Favorite Stations in a Circuit

     Unit 3
Monday Weeks 9 - 12:Sidestep Ladder
Tuesday Weeks 9 - 12:Balance on the Turtle's Back
Wednesday Weeks 9 - 12:Hoppity Balls Zig Zag
Thursday Weeks 9 - 12:Musical Hoops
Friday Weeks 9 - 12:Top 3 Favorite Stations in a Circuit

     Unit 4
Monday Weeks 13 - 16:Ladder Combinations
Tuesday Weeks 13 - 16:Balance, Ball and Tunnel Obstacle Course
Wednesday Weeks 13 - 16:Baby Bootcamp
Thursday Weeks 13 - 16:Body Bowling
Friday Weeks 13 - 16:Top 3 Favorite Stations in a Circuit

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